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Empowering Your Business in Dubai – Your Success, Our Expertise.

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Pathways to Dubai – your trusted visa consultancy for a hassle-free journey.

Your Business Journey with Meta Plus: Your Gateway your Success

Transform your business dreams into reality with Meta Plus, your trusted partner for hassle-free business setup in Dubai. Our experienced consultants offer personalized solutions, addressing the unique challenges and goals of your venture. From tailored strategies to seamless execution, we’re committed to propelling your business towards unprecedented success.

Why Choose Us

Specialized Consultants of business setup in Dubai

Establishing a business in Dubai, UAE, now is the best option you’ve ever had. Business setting in the UAE has been a popular choice among both domestic and international investors due to the government’s expedited timescales, corporate laws, regulatory measures, and ease of approval.

MetaPlus is pleased to assist investors in forming and registering companies in Dubai, thanks to their extensive background in this process. In accordance with your company’s needs, our specialists examine all relevant aspects and stick by your side the whole way through. From securing a company license to facilitating investor visas, bank account support, and financial compliance, we are here to help.

What we offer

Enhancing Your Business Operations

We are committed to improving every aspect of your operations and empowering your company to new heights with our comprehensive range of services. From strategic planning to effective implementation, we are your reliable partner on the road to success.

HOW we make a divergence

Our Values

The dedication to quality that we uphold at Meta Plus is firmly grounded in our fundamental principles. We guarantee unfaltering trust and long-term partnerships by operating with integrity, being innovative, and putting our clients first in all that we do.

Proficient advisors

Our skilled experts can quickly set up your business, business account, and other services.

Immense Exposure

With a decade of expertise under our belts, we've seen it all when it comes to setting up businesses in Dubai, UAE.

Reliable Assistance

Our high-quality services let our customers focus on their companies rather than document processing.

Our Services

Make the Sustainable
Choice for Business Success
in Dubai

Meta Plus provides streamlined Dubai company forms, competent financial guidance, and rapid document clearance to help your business succeed in Dubai.

Our Services

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Corporate Business Setup

Business formation advisors can provide assistance in modifying company formation arrangements that are cost-effective, uncomplicated, and suitable for your organization.

Visa and sponsorship services

Our Documents Clearing Service provides dependable and trustworthy local sponsorship and visa benefits that ensure the bare minimum of risk.

Value Added Tax Services

Our value-added services include business centers, enrollment/recruitment administrations, advertising, tax advice, and more, all of which are available to new firms.

Professional Services

Our Public Relations Officers (PRO) help you effectively and proficiently handle all your documentation and government-related clearances.

Banking Assistance

Your business bank account can be opened quickly and easily thanks to our in-house counters of our banking partner and good relationships with numerous institutions.

Document clearing

Our corporate sponsorship agreement accompanies solid financial backer rights and an assurance contract that guarantees you 100% operational proprietorship.

We collaborate extensively with various Government Agencies.

Commencing a business in Dubai is facilitated by our Reliable Business Setup Consultants.

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